Minimal weather dashboard


Demo version can be found here


This dashboard uses the openweathermap API to get current weather conditions as well as a 5 day forecast for a specific location. Data is fetched every 10 minutes which is recommended by the API documentation. Current weather is displayed in the boxes on the top of the page:

  • temperature
  • felt temperature
  • air pressure
  • humidity
  • cloudiness
  • wind speed

The top-left plot features the temperature forecast for the next 5 days. The top-right plot shows the 5 day forecast for humidity (line) and cloudiness (clouds). The bottom shows the precipitation forecast which is not visible when there is no rain coming up.

API usage guide

A detailed guide on using the API can be found here.

Setup Shiny App

Code can be found here

After cloning the repo get an API key and provide it in the app (Line 42 in App.R). Next up, change the coordinates to the desired location (Line 62 and 73 in App.R)