R Shiny: Coronavirus cases in Germany

Shiny app displaying the current Coronavirus cases in Germany based on data from the RKI website.

d3.js line chart

A d3.js line chart visualizing Temperature over one year.

Intervall Timer App

A svelte tabata timer app.

Noise Map Freiburg

An interactive map displaying the noise level in Freiburg in 2012 at day vs. night.

d3.js Temperature radial

A radial plot displaying daily Temperature in Freiburg in 2019.

d3.js: Tidy Tuesday 2020 week 2

Tidy tuesday submission about australia fires.

d3.js: Tidy Tuesday 2019 week 48

Tidy tuesday submission about repaid student loans.

d3.js: film flowers

Recreating Shirley Wu’s original Film Flowers.

R Shiny: Tidy Tuesday

An interactive shiny application to explore global meteorite impacts.


Minimal weather dashboard