Three.js Portfolio

Creative Portfolio Website using Three.js and Svelte.

Website design and development

Website for our company.

3D Lettering render

Made with Blender.

3D Lettering render

Made with Blender.

3D Lettering render

Made with Blender.

d3.js Temperature radial

A radial plot displaying daily Temperature in Freiburg in 2019.

Geographic Projections Explorer

An interactive web application exploring the geographic projections of the earth.

Realistic office render

Made with Blender.

Satellite Dataviz

Datavisualization of satellite data using Svelte and Three.js.

Svelte + Three.js

Made with Svelte + Three.js.

Svelte + Three.js

Made with Svelte + Three.js.

Temperature spiral in Freiburg

Interactive Svelte + D3 datavisualisation.

Three.js low poly portal scene

Three.js portal scene.

Threejs Design Study

Threejs Design Study

Threejs Physics Playground

Threejs Physics Playground

Covid development in Freiburg

Svelte datavisualisation.

Intervall Timer App

A svelte tabata timer app.

Noise Map Freiburg

An interactive map displaying the noise level in Freiburg in 2012 at day vs. night.

d3.js line chart

A d3.js line chart visualizing Temperature over one year.

d3.js: Tidy Tuesday 2019 week 48

Tidy tuesday submission about repaid student loans.

d3.js: Tidy Tuesday 2020 week 2

Tidy tuesday submission about australia fires.

d3.js: film flowers

Recreating Shirley Wu’s original Film Flowers.

R Shiny: Coronavirus cases in Germany

Shiny app displaying the current Coronavirus cases in Germany based on data from the RKI website.

R Shiny: Tidy Tuesday

An interactive shiny application to explore global meteorite impacts.


Minimal weather dashboard